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Urban Greens is a local company aiming to promote the concept of urban agriculture in the ever expanding city of Cairo. We focus on soil less/ hydroponic production techniques for rooftop farming or community gardens.

Founded in 2018 , Urban Greens thrives to support different community members in fulfilling communal essentials, including the chance to learn how to grow their own crops in an easy and sustainable manner. Urban Agriculture Hydroponic production helps reduce urban heat through increased green spaces in the city , reduce water consumption in planting activities, and reduce our carbon footprint and the miles travelled by our food to reach our plates.



Through innovation and hard work, our team is building world class hydroponic systems using local resources. Through various research and trials our team of growers are sustaining quality produce for different scales of growers in the different growing seasons. Our target is to find a sustainable food source that is affordable, easy to operate and handle and with minimal water usage.



We dream of leading the creation of a new food movement that encourges pesticides free, clean, fresh and local produce that is affordable to the public and sustainable to the enviroment.